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Tea that will make your skin healthy and glowing

There are several different ways to buy stinging nettle tea on the market, including tinctures, fluid extracts, tablets, ointments, and lotions. However, drinking it as tea is the best and most practical way to do so.

Since Nettle tea has such great detoxifying effects, it is gradually gaining enormous appeal in the West. It would be better to choose the tea bags that are readily available in the market. Here are some more justifications for include nettle tea in your daily cleaning regimen:

  • Strong nettle leaves are used. They possess qualities that purify your body, blood, wash out toxins, and help you retain clearer skin “noted Shilpa Arora, ND, a well-known nutritionist, macrobiotic health coach, and medical doctor.
  • For those who have problems with water retention, nettle tea is fantastic.
  • It also aids in balancing the body’s excess salt.
  • This tea is fantastic for increasing immunity and metabolism.tea

Nutritional Value of Nettle Tea:

Actually, the nettle plant has a lot of nutritional value.  This tea has between 30 and 35 calories per cup. Although it is devoid of sodium, fat, cholesterol, and sugar, it contains a sizable amount of carbs and protein.

Minerals like potassium, iron, and silica are also included in nettle tea. Antioxidants from the stinging nettle shield your body from free radicals and other poisons.

Health claims about detox water

Detox water is said to have many health benefits, including:

Depending on the components you use and the strength of the infusion, the precise characteristics of detox water will change. But rather than the flavors it’s flavored with, a lot of the health benefits of detox water can be ascribed to the water itself.

That’s because, especially when compared to consuming them whole, the ingredients in detox water don’t provide as many nutrients.

The beauty benefits

Nettle tea is a natural beautifier for skin and hair due to its nourishing, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. It has been demonstrated to get rid of eczema and acne as well as promote the growth of new, thicker hair.

Acne treatment

I would advise drinking three to four cups of nettle tea every day for two weeks if you have dull, congested skin or are prone to acne. Take a week’s vacation from drinking it after two weeks and check how your skin feels and looks before you resume.

Hair care

Two weeks of tea consumption will give you healthier, thicker-looking hair. You may also use it to rinse your hair to enhance the impact. Stinging nettle may help with scalp issues, dandruff, and male pattern baldness, according to research.

I really value nettle tea and always keep some in my herbal apothecary. It is a low-maintenance plant with the incredible gift of promoting overall wellbeing. We just need to take a sip.

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