Lemon Tea

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You must have heard about the incredible health benefits of lemon. Also you might use it in your tea. But have you heard about our lemon tea. If you are thinking this is your normal lemon flavoured tea than you might be wrong. Our hand picked secret ingredients makes our Lemon Green Tea a citrusy supreme blend and makes it different from its competitors , the recipe is a top secret though.



Lemon Grass | Lemon Leaves | Lemon peel | Green Tea

For best results consume one cup a day.

Energy  – 6.60 k.cals

Carbohydrate – 1.01 gm

Fat – BLQ(0.03) gm

Protein – 0.37 gm

The pyramid shape of teabag allow log leaves unfurl better for a great infusion.

Tea is filled in the tea bag and sealed in an envelope with little or zero human intervention.

The string is attached to the teabag by ultrasonic bonding technique without the use of glue

The content holding capacity of a pyramid teabag is more than a regular paper teabag, our teabag holds 2 gram material in each bag where as normal teabag ranges from 1.2gram to 1.4 gram .

Some of the benefits of Lemon Tea

The Art of Making


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