Peppermint Flavoured Salt


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Peppermint Flavoured Salt

Natures's Stock providing you the Best Peppermint Flavoured Salt

Peppermint Flavoured Salt is a plant in the mint family. Peppermint, botanically known as Mentha piperita L. is an aromatic perennial herb, Nature’s Stock comes with Peppermint Flavoured salt is one of the most unique one salts of all. Peppermint flavoured salt that not only enhances the taste but also has many health benefits.

Where To Use?

It’s a Perfect taste enhancer, aromatic accompaniment to any salad, fruits, barbeque, yogurt, dry fruits, Breads, Chips, Baked goods, Veggies, Curd or any special snack treat. soups, rubbed into meat prior to grilling/marinating and used to finish off roasted vegetables. Sprinkle it over pizza, your next fried or boiled egg or breakfast toast! Use it in your dal tadka, use it to liven up raitas, cut fruits, chutneys and lassi or toss it with French fries or marinate paneer or chicken in it.

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➣ It helps you digest your food easily.

➣ It cures mild headache and is helpful in migraine.

➣ If you have clogged sinus, then it would help you to fight with that too.

➣ It freshen up your breaths.

➣ It is also beneficial for cramps.

Energy  – 321.64 Kcal

Carbohydrate – 18.84 gm

Fat – 0.5 gm

Protein – 61.57 gm

➣ A unique blend of Himalayan flavored salt with pahadi herbs & spices, traditionally crushed on mortar pestle ( सिल बट्टा ) by Uttrakhand village women.

It’s A clever way to add quick flavour without needing to rely on a store cupboard of different spices with their aroma

Hand Grounded on the traditional Silbatta by loving and experienced hands

All in one seasoning

Authentic immunity boosting salt

have no preservatives, added colour or flavor

Blend of more than 18 herbs & spices

How to use Flavored Salts



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