Nature’s stock team has come with the amalgamation of selected and handpicked pahadi herbs & spices, Himalayan flavoured salt benefits traditionally crushed on sil batta (motor pastor) to make A unique blend of Himalayan flavoured salt/Pisyun Loon by our JANANI. With the flavorful taste of mountains, it helps to improve digestion and boost immunity. Himalayan flavoured salt are dried for days to increase their shelf life and lock their essence intact as a result we don’t use any artificial preservatives, essence or colour which makes our salts 100%natural .

There are hundreds of benefits of consuming these salts; only a few are listed below:

  1. Improves immunity
  2. Improves your digestive system
  3. Provides you with essential nutrients.
  4. May protect you from hay fever.
  5. Really good for your oral health
  6. Maintains your blood pressure levels ( because of the use of rock salt )
  7. Rich in omega 3 and many more.